In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in Vikaspuri

In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in Vikaspuri

IVF is a process that involves a complex series of procedures used for helping women who face fertility problems. We are the best providers of IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization ) in Vikaspuri.

Besides IVF, we also provide other services like ICSI and Egg Freezing in Vikaspuri.

These all services provide assistance related to the conception of a child and in this process, several mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries, and then artificial fertilization in Vikaspuri is done by a sperm in a lab.

All this process is carried out to help the woman get pregnant by successfully implanting the fertilized egg in the uterus.

Best In Vitro Fertilization Clinic in Vikaspuri

Babysoon is one of the best clinics for providing IVF treatment in Vikaspuri. We are the best IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization ) Providers in Vikaspuri.

A single cycle of IVF takes around two months for the results to show and the conditions vary as per the age of women in Vikaspuri.

Women who are younger than 35 years of age will obtain success in obtaining pregnancy with the IVF method along with subsequent embryo transfers in Vikaspuri. The time duration will also be lesser as compared to other treatments.

Top IVF Treatment in Vikaspuri

There are several medications needed for IVF treatment that need to be administered effectively. We are the best IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Suppliers and Exporters in Vikaspuri.

Generally, in this treatment, a patient receives 1-2 injections daily, and continuously, they receive 90 injections.

Fertility Assessment & Counseling

This service was started as an initiative to enlighten women with proper knowledge about their existing rate of fertility. We provide Fertility Assessment & Counseling in Vikaspuri. Apart from this service, we also provide other services such as IVF and ICSI at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. This service was started as an initiative to tackle the problem of infertility in women in Vikaspuri. The need for this state-of-the-art medical service is to keep a check on population control and help married couples in Vikaspuri in effective family planning.
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Sperm Freezing

If you are thinking that only sperm donors have to bank their sperm, then you are wrong. We are the best manufacturers of Sperm Freezing in Vikaspuri.Besides this process, we also provide other services like IVF and ICSI at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri.There are several sperm banks across the world for storing the sperm of people who are not ready to have a baby in Vikaspuri, but they want to have it someday. The freezing of sperm is a process involved in sperm banking and it helps couples who want to preserve the chances of having a biological baby in the future in Vikaspuri.
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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

This treatment is a kind of artificial insemination and is mostly used for the treatment of infertility. We are the best providers of Intrauterine Insemination in Vikaspuri. Besides this service, we also provide other services like Fertility Assessment and Counseling and IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization) in Vikaspuri. In this process, generally, the washed and concentrated sperms are directly placed in the uterus, and this is done in Vikaspuri during the period in which the ovary releases eggs for the fertilization process.
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This process is used for examining the interiors of a womb or the uterus. We are the best providers of Hysteroscopy in Vikaspuri. Besides this service, we also provide Sperm Freezing and Third Party Reproduction at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. A hysteroscopy is used for examining the inside of a woman’s womb in Vikaspuri and it is in the shape of a narrow telescope along with a light and camera. Then, subsequently, the images are then forwarded to a monitor that can help the doctors in Vikaspuri to visualise the scenario inside the womb of the woman.
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In this surgical procedure, the surgeon is able to access the interiors of the abdomen. We are the best Laparoscopy Treatment Center in Vikaspuri. Besides this treatment, we also provide Egg Freezing and Sperm Freezing services in Vikaspuri. This procedure has been given multiple names such as keyhole surgery or minimally invasive surgery in Vikaspuri. This surgery, unlike other surgeries, does not involve making a large incision on the skin in Vikaspuri.
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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This treatment is used for helping in the fertilization of a woman’s egg. We are the best providers of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Vikaspuri. Besides these services, we provide IVF and Egg Freezing at fairly reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. Generally, when a man’s sperm is not able to fertilize the woman’s egg, then this treatment is used in Vikaspuri and this treatment involves injecting the sperm in the woman’s egg.
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Third Party Reproduction (Surrogacy And Donor Programme)

In this process, the involvement of someone else than the couple or an individual takes place in the process of reproduction. We are the best provider of Third-Party Reproduction in Vikaspuri. Besides this process, we also provide Egg Freezing and Sperm Freezing at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. Several essential components of this process are that it includes donated eggs, sperm, and embryos along with several other arrangements in Vikaspuri. There is a term known as a gestational-carrier arrangement in which the egg is provided by a woman in Vikaspuri.
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Egg Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

This process has been given the scientific term of oocyte cryopreservation. We are the best providers of Egg Freezing in Vikaspuri. Besides this process, we also provide Embryo Freezing and Sperm Freezing services as well at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. This process is used for safeguarding a woman’s ability to attain pregnancy in the future. The process involves harvesting the eggs from the ovaries, which are in a frozen state in Vikaspuri and are usually stored for later usage.
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Recurrent Implantation Failure

When a lady is unable to achieve a clinical pregnancy after attaining a transfer of more than four good-quality embryos, then this problem is termed recurrent implantation failure. We are the best providers of treatment of Recurrent Implantation Failure in Vikaspuri. Besides the treatment of this issue, we also provide other treatments like Fibroid Treatment and IVF at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. This problem generally occurs in women under the age of 40 years and this failure occurs due to embryo or uterine factors.
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Embryo Freezing (Cryopreservation)

Embryo freezing in Vikaspuri (cryopreservation) involves the freezing and long-term storage of fertilized eggs. This service in Vikaspuri is provided by renowned Embryo Freezing Clinic in Vikaspuri, such as Baby Soon Fertility and IVF. The decision to freeze embryos is a personal choice, and expenses vary widely in Vikaspuri. This service is available from us at an affordable Embryo Freezing Cost in Vikaspuri.
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In this medical complexity, there is a lot of pain to the sufferer as the tissue similar to the tissue that is located in the uterus grows apart from the uterus. We are the best clinic for Endometriosis Treatment in Vikaspuri. Apart from this problem, we also provide treatments related to Erectile Dysfunction and Azoospermia in Vikaspuri. Generally, this problem arises around the ovaries and other reproductive organs like the fallopian tubes and pelvis. In some rare cases in Vikaspuri, the endometrial-like tissue may be found in an area in which the pelvic organs are located.
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This medical term is used for describing a condition in which a male has lost his ability to ejaculate sperms. We are the best clinic for Azoospermia Treatment in Vikaspuri. Apart from this disease, we also provide Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. Generally, there are some blockages in the internal organs of males that prevent the sperm from coming out. Sometimes, decreased sperm production also can be the case in Vikaspuri in the testis in this medical condition.
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Fibroid Treatment

Frequently found in the process of routine checkups involving pelvic exams, these fibroids are extremely harmful to a woman’s health. We offer the best Fibroid Treatment in Vikaspuri. Besides this treatment, we also provide Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy at reasonable prices in Vikaspuri. Generally, it is advisable to see the doctor in case of these issues as they might offer the best professional advice required for treating this problem. Generally, when a person displays the symptoms of uterine fibroids, the doctor may help in ordering some tests in Vikaspuri related to ultrasound and other lab tests.
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Erectile Dysfunction

An inability of a male to get an erection that can have sex is known as erectile dysfunction. We are the best clinic for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Vikaspuri. It can lead to a lot of stress in the person suffering from this issue and this can severely affect his self-confidence as well. As a result, it can lead to several related problems in Vikaspuri as well and this problem in having a firm erection can indicate an underlying health issue or even a heart problem as well.
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What is IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a basic fertility technique in which processed (concentrated and washed) sperms are implanted into a woman’s uterus during ovulation to boost her chances of becoming pregnant.

Is IUI different from IVF treatment?

Fertilization (meeting of egg and sperm) occurs in the body during IUI (fallopian tubes). IVF, on the other hand, is carried out in a laboratory.

What is the success rate of IUI?

The success rate of IUI is approximately 20%.

What is the difference between stimulated IVF and Natural IVF?

Stimulated IVF- A woman takes medicines/injections for 9 to 12 days to stimulate both of her ovaries to generate and mature multiple egg follicles. During the stimulation phase, a physician will do ultrasounds to track the follicles growth until they reach a specified size (18-22mm). Natural IVF- In this cycle, instead of stimulating your ovaries to produce multiple eggs, the Natural Cycle IVF Process is meant to select that one egg that your body produces naturally.

What is the advantage of natural IVF cycle?

Multiple pregnancy risk is reduced. Reduces the high costs associated with stimulation medicines. Reduces the risk of drug-related adverse effects.

What is Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation (COH)?

Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation is a procedure in which the patient’s ovaries are stimulated for 10-12 days with hormone injections (gonadotrophins) in order to obtain the highest number of mature oocytes (eggs).The response to these injections is tracked by ultrasound, and after the cohort of follicles reaches 18-22mm (minimum 4-5), a trigger injection is administered, followed by ovum pickup (egg collection) 34-36 hours later.

What are the risks associated with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation?

Ovaries of some females might respond excessively to the fertility drugs. OHSS(Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) occurs in a minority of females who overrespond, symptoms of which include, vomiting, nausea, severe discomfort, abdominal distension and dehydration. Note: The patient should immediately notify the clinician in case of such symptoms

When is a couple considered infertile?

A couple is considered to be infertile when they fail to conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Are IVF babies born with deformities?

No, babies born out of IVF do not have any genetic abnormalities.

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